Sewercide Records

Slow Death - 1985 Demo 7" EP

Prince Edward Island is a small province on Canada’s east coast that is home to less than 150,000 people, yet somehow in late 1983 the blaring raw sounds of hardcore punk reached the ears of a group of skaterats in the small town of Summerside. Slow Death were not only the first punk band from PEI, but also one of the first straight edge bands in Canada. The short, fast and loud lo-fi blasts of thrash these teens produced is so perfect for their time and place and continues to make people wonder how something like this could have come out of such isolation. Their 10-song cassette from 1985 has remained under the radar since it was released 30 years ago, so we’re more than pleased to be unleashing this beast as the first release for UNKNOWN COAST. Available for the first time since its debut, the tape recordings will be available on vinyl as a 7” ep featuring unearthed photos in a small press of 500 copies."