Sewercide Records

Roland Blinn & The Fishermen - Tense b/w Peg-In-Hole 7" Single

Halifax, Nova Scotia, produced some great music in the 1980s. Being home to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the city has always been home to an artistic group of people expressing themselves creatively through a variety of mediums, including music. As in other Canadian cities, it was during this time that a new wave of independent artists began learning to play instruments, formed groups and began writing and performing original material. Roland Blinn was one of these individuals. With a lengthy musical career and extensive recorded output, Roland has never been a person to jump into the pocket of any one particular genre, instead experimenting with a variety of styles and sounds. Most notable is his debut single, originally released in 1986 on Halifax experimental label Nerve Records. The two tracks range in style from new wave to art punk to pop and pave a path that would help influence the local indie rock sound of the '90s. With most copies of the 45 having been thrown out / destroyed and only 100-200 copies supposedly distributed, it's no surprise that this remains one of the province's rarest releases and has been near impossible to find, despite being one of the best of its time and place. Thirty-one years after its initial release, Unknown Coast is pleased to announce the proper reissue of this hard to find and magnificent single from Roland Blinn and the Fishermen, finally available to a new generation of music lovers in it's original format in a limited pressing.