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Heavenly Blue - Demo cassette

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SWCR-017: Heavenly Blue - Demo Cassette

It should come as no surprise to those that know me that I have deep love for raw and fuzzed out garage rock from the 1960’s. Comps like Back From The Grave, Nuggets, Pebbles, Before Birdmen Flew etc are staples in my collection next to hundreds of 45s from the same era. While this type of music has never had much of a foothold in the maritimes, I’d always remained hopeful that a group would come along to change all that. Enter Heavenly Blue, a new Nova Scotian band featuring a few of the Booji Boys (and another gent with some ties to the Sewercide story if you look back far enough) that has been pounding out some excellent subterranean 60’s style garage punk that to me, sounds like the Dead Boys covering some of your favourites from the above mentioned Back From The Grave comps. With a band as exciting as this, we just had to offer to release their demo tape and lucky for us, the gents said yes. Set to be out in May 2021 and limited to 80 pro-manufactured cassettes, these will go quick.